Please read them carefully as they legally bind you. These general conditions are applicable for routes contracted on cabotage vessels in Cape Verde acquired on the website or its Iframe on other websites.

All maritime shipping agencies presented in these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS are making their sales services available for reservations of their inter-sea travel tickets on our digital platform and act in accordance with the guidelines of the RESERMAR CV RESERVAS ONLINE CV.

The "maritime agency representing the vessel where it intends to make the route, is the legitimate marketer of the services of maritime agency of cabotage, provided by the ship and boat company. The sale / reservation of the tickets can also be done by the shipping agencies distributed throughout the national territory and through our website and "reserver point" or Iframe on the agency's website. In these Conditions, unless otherwise determined, the following expressions, in the singular or plural, shall have the meanings assigned to them:


  • "Travel Agency" means a legal entity freely chosen and contracted by the final customer, responsible for intermediation, as well as for the correct presentation of the general information, itineraries, tariffs, promotions and commercial policies in force.

  • "Shipowner": owner of the Ship, responsible for maritime transport and on-board services, subject to maritime international laws and conventions, according to the Standard Carrier's General Conditions of Carriage.

  • "Conditions of Carriage" means the instructions and transport information of the Shipper or the carrier providing transport services to move to the port of shipment of your Ship. They include the legal provisions of the country of the shipowner and / or the carrier in question and may be subject to an international convention and may also limit or exclude liability of the Shipper and / or the carrier.

  • "General Conditions": instructions and information contained in this document, presented before the Reserve, which the Parties accept and undertake to comply with, whose copy is on the website

  • "Booking Confirmation": is the passenger's acceptance of the general terms and conditions, upon payment in full of the reservation.

  • "Contract" means an agreement between the Maritime Shipping Agency and the passenger, after acceptance of the reservation request by the agency, regarding the terms and conditions of the ship.

  • “E-Ticket ": boarding pass provided electronically by the Company, which must be printed and presented on the day of shipment with valid personal documents.

  • "Passenger" means the individual identified in the booking confirmation and the e-ticket issued by the Agency, as soon as the documents are inserted (BI, Passport of customers, date of birth, city of birth, city where they reside, contact and emergency telephone, email) and provided that the reservation is fully paid.

  1. To request the Sale / Reservation, the passenger should contact the travel agency and reservation services of his / her preference, which offers the ship's ticket. RESERVE CV ONLINE RESERVATIONS CV "... confirms the legitimacy of any of the agencies registered in our database, booking points on our website, and it is the responsibility of the final consumer to verify the suitability of the chosen service agency ..."

  2. When requesting the Reservation, the travel agency will confirm that all persons identified as passengers in the Reserve act and, in the corresponding Reservation request, have agreed to follow the rules contained in the General Conditions and that it has the power to accept these General Conditions on its behalf and on behalf of the other persons identified in the booking voucher.

  3.  RESERMAR CV RESERVAS ONLINE CV does not allow reservations for children under 12 (twelve) years without the accompaniment of an adult or responsible adult.

  4. A solicitação de uma pré-reserva – com excepção da pré-reserva prevista cláusula 5.– não está sujeita ao pagamento de entrada correspondente a 25% (vente e cinco por cento) do valor do bilhete. A partir da solicitação da pré- reserva o pagamento terá que ser concretizado no prazo entre 12 horas depois da data de ativação da mesma, e até 24 horas conforme antecedência da saída do navio - do 100% do valor. ( ver se disponível para a agência selecionada)

  5. The request for group bookings or long period (superior 20 days) in RESERMAR CV ONLINE RESERVATIONS is subject to the following payment:

    (i). The pre-reservations requested from (20) to (30) days before departure: the pre-reservation request is subject to a payment of 25% (five per cent) of the total value of tickets up to (48) hours (non-refundable). The remaining balance must be paid up to (15) days after the first deposit. Offering the possibility to change the travel date (1) once.

    (ii). Reservations requested less than (12) hours for departure: the reservation request is subject to full payment of the ticket amount.

  6. Discount letters or promotions can not be used to purchase through RESERMAR CV ONLINE RESERVATIONS, except promotional discounts.

  7. Reservations will not be considered valid or accepted with partial payment.

  8. Requests for reservations that do not have payment in full within the stipulated deadlines will be automatically canceled without prior notice.

  9. With confirmation of the reservation by the Navigation Agency - made after confirmation of the full payment - any and every person identified in the Reservation Request becomes a passenger..

  10. It is the responsibility of the passenger to require the travel agency to provide proof of the reservation request and, subsequently, the confirmation of the reservation confirmation.

  11. All reservations are subject to these General Conditions.

  12. Every ship is subject to availability at the time of booking. There will be no Contract until payment is made, in cash or in installments, and confirmation is subject to credit approval.

  13. If the reservation request is made (12) hours before the departure of the ship, full payment must be made at the time of booking, and confirmation is subject to credit approval.

  14. If the passenger fails to make the payment within the period provided for in clause 13. above, the Company reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice and to charge anticipated cancellation charges.

  15. The maximum luggage limit on the Ship is 90kg (distributed in up to 3 volumes) per passenger, and only 1 hand luggage per person with the following maximum measures 55x35x25 cm.

  16. All baggage must be properly labeled and the guest is requested not to carry excess baggage (but always within the maximum limit), so that they can be transported inside the ship and well accommodated in their cabins.

  17. RESERMAR CV RESERVAS ONLINE CV is not responsible for luggage damaged by excess weight.

  18. The bags are shipped and landed by authorized third parties of the port concessionaire, and the RESERMAR CV RESERVAS ONLINE CV is not responsible for damages caused during handling.

  19. Only the suitcases are considered as luggage that can be dispatched.

  20. They shall be prohibited from being shipped and transported on the cabotage vessel, furniture and moving objects, which shall be transported by a carrier which is the responsibility of the passengers in accordance with the rules of transport and declared in accordance with the instructions of the carrier.

  21. According to International Security norms are considered prohibited items: firearms, knife, scissors, pocket knife, white guns (punches, rods, pepper spray etc), handcuffs, sharp and / or sharp objects, electrical or electronic appliances potentially explosives (Samsung model Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone, hoverboard electric skateboard, etc.), drone, explosive items (dynamites etc) and / or flammable materials described on the product labels or so considered.

  22. If any of these items are found in the baggage when passing by the inspector during the boarding process, the guest will be called for disposal. If the guest refuses to discard the object in question, his shipment will be denied.

  23. For the sake of safety, items considered fragile, personal and / or valuable (jewelry, electronics, money, travel documents, baby carriages, backpacks, medicines, diapers etc.) should be carried as carry-on luggage, is liable for damage or loss of such objects.

  24. Passengers who do not comply with the security regulations described above will be denied access to the ship.

  25. The luggage must carry the identification tag provided by the Maritime Agency or RESERVE CV ONLINE RESERVATIONS  through the e-ticket, mentioning the name of the passenger, port of origin, date of the route, ship and ticket number. All baggage, including hand luggage, shall be subject to inspection. (Check availability for the selected agency)

  26. The RESERVE CV ONLINE RESERVATIONS tags will be sent together with the e-ticket and the bags must be labeled as well as properly sealed. (See availability for the selected agency)

  27. The RESERMAR CV RESERVAS ONLINE is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur before the beginning or after the end of the trip, and it is suggested to the passenger to purchase insurance with a specialized company.

  28. Passengers by the shipping agency that goes directly to the port should go to the Baggage Zone (If Available) and hand in their suitcases - duly identified with the tags and sealed - to one of the Agency employees, who will be in uniform and identified with a badge .

  29. The luggage will be delivered to the ship by the authorized third parties of the port concessionaire and will proceed directly to the zone destined to the end. For security reasons, luggage may be subjected to x-ray equipment and the scanner on the ship. If it is necessary, the security of the ship may request the presence of the guest for clarification on possible objects that pose a risk to the safety of their crew or passengers.

  30. Passengers are aware of the fact that they should carry items that are considered fragile, personal and valuable (jewelry, perfume, money, camera, video camera, notebook, stroller, etc.) in their hand luggage. Company is not liable for damages and loss of such objects.

  31. The passenger is aware that any and all baggage claim must be made by completing the "Declaration of Occurrence" form on board the vessel or within the landing area. Thus, it is characterized that the damage occurred within the domains of the maritime terminal or the vessel, exempting the passenger from any responsibility.

  32. RESERMAR CV is not responsible for obtaining passports, visas, vaccines or other travel documents for any passenger, it being understood that this intention is the personal responsibility of each one. The same must verify directly with the competent authorities and / or Consulates the necessary travel documentation for embarkation and disembarkation at ports of call, including children and adolescents traveling unaccompanied by their parents or with one of the parents.

  33. To the passenger who does not embark for lack of documentation, passport or visas, the cancellation penalty provided for in clauses 10 and 11.

  34. Passengers must carry all the original and well-maintained and valid documentation required by the authorities for boarding the ship and landing at ports of call. If the passenger does not carry the documentation required by the Cape Verdean authorities, the authorities will not allow the passenger to board the ship. Boarding with an incident report in the event of loss or theft of documents will not be accepted.

  35. If the passenger is able to board without even carrying the identity documents required by the authorities, this fact can not be interpreted as a right of the passenger, being subject to new document controls in the ports of stop of Cape Verde, paying the passenger with possible penalties and fines imposed on the Company, the Shipowner or himself resulting from the absence of the required documents.

  36. The documentation relationship is not the responsibility of RESERMAR CV ONLINE RESERVATIONS and may be changed by the governments of the countries involved at any time and it is therefore recommended that the passenger make sure, prior to Shipment, directly with the authorities of the countries of his appropriate documentation.

  37. The passport is the identification document required of all those who intend to travel internationally, except in cases provided for in treaties, agreements or international acts, and it is the passenger's duty to present it before embarkation and disembarkation, in good conditions and with minimum validity of Six (6) months or term of validity required by the country of destination, with the longest term, in order to avoid problems in Immigration Inspection.

  38. The RESERMAR CV informs passengers that, in the case of international individuals, there is no responsibility for the Maritime Agency for the possible delay in the procedures of control of documents by the authorities.

  39. Passenger boarding with identification documents issued by a class organ, such as functional identities, for example, that of Magistrates, Military or members of the Public Prosecutor's Office, shall not be accepted for Inter-Islands travel, and documents may be consulted in clause 5.8 .

  40. Documentation:

    I). Travel within the territory of Cape Verde::

    IA) - Caboverdian Passengers: must carry one of the following original documents: passport (valid until the end of the trip), ID (ID card), Driving License, Military Identity Card, among other civil identity documents valid in the territory provided that it is in good condition.

    II) Foreign Passengers:

    II.B) - Foreign Passengers resident in Cape Verde: they must be in possession of one of the following original documents: valid passport (minimum of 6 months) or with the valid CR (Foreign Resident Card). Or analogous document duly authorized by the border authorities in Cape Verde.

    III.C) - Foreign Passengers: must ship with the following original documents: valid passport (minimum of 6 months). You will not be allowed to board with only the DNI / RNE without the passport, you must board with a valid passport (minimum of 6 months) and entry card in Cape Verde stamped by immigration from the airport.

  41. Travel for Minors of 18 years::

    IV.1) Travel within the territory of Cape Verde

    1st) - Original documents: valid passport (minimum of 6 months), ID / ID or original Birth Certificate. Under 18 years of age unaccompanied by both parents or guardian must also submit written authorization from the parent or legal guardian with a notarized signature in two copies, according to the Company's model available on the website. You will not be allowed to board passengers (even a baby) carrying only Birth Certificate. (Ballot)

    2) - Important Note: - Minors traveling only with the passport whose model does not include the affiliation, accompanied or not of the parents, must also present on board the original Certificate or Birth Certificate. This is necessary to prove membership, because depending on the passport model, there is no record of the traveler's membership.

    3ª) - The boarding of passengers carrying a copy of documents will not be allowed, without being properly authenticated.

    4ª) - Será analisado pontualmente o embarque com boletim de ocorrência em caso de extravio, furto ou roubo de documentos

  42. For the safety and comfort of all passengers who are sick, with reduced mobility or special needs, and for compliance with health legislation, it is important that all relevant information is provided at the time of booking.

  43. The information must be provided in the form "Special Needs / Special Needs", to be requested at the time of booking. The form will be sent to the medical department of the ship responsible for the analysis, which will be evaluated and answered within 10 working days. Completing this form does not guarantee the passenger's boarding.

  44. Passengers with a physical or mental disability who require treatment or special care (including wheelchair users) must notify the Company in writing, prior to booking, of the nature of the disability, any medical equipment they wish to carry on board. All wheelchair passengers must bring their own folded, standard size folding wheelchair and must be accompanied by a passenger in full health and able to assist him. Also, depending on the characteristics of the physical or mental disability and the special treatment or care needed, the passenger must be accompanied by another passenger who is in full health and can assist him and / or, as the case may be, the person responsible cool.

  45. Passengers who are sick or in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility may not be able to land in ports where the vessels do not dock. The list of such ports may be requested from the Company. In this case, any attempt to disembark in places without adequate facilities for people with special needs will be the sole responsibility of the passenger.

  46. The maritime agency reserves the right to ask any passenger to present a medical certificate proving full health conditions to travel on the ship.

  47. We suggest that those responsible for minors under one (1) year of age submit the same to medical consultation to certify the health conditions to carry out the course, as well as present at the time of check-in, a medical certificate confirming the good condition for travel.

  48. The Company reserves the right to refuse boarding to any passenger who has failed to properly notify the Company of such deficiencies or need for assistance, or of those who are not in good health to travel or whose health problem may constitute danger to himself or others on the ship.

  49. Pregnant women should seek medical advice before traveling, whatever the stage of their pregnancy. The company does not have adequate medical facilities for deliveries on board any vessel. Pregnant women with up to 23 (twenty-three) weeks of pregnancy until the last day of the ship may travel with medical authorization. Thus, the pregnant passenger must, at the time of shipment, obligatorily submit a medical certificate confirming the stage and the health conditions to carry out the course.

  50. The Company does not allow the embarkation of the passengers that will be with 34 (thirty four) weeks or more of gestation. If the pregnant woman has more than 34 (thirty-four) weeks of gestation or in the absence of the certified information, the company expressly reserves the right to refuse boarding and has no responsibility in relation to such refusal, the foreseen cancellation rules.

  51. If a reservation is made by a passenger who did not know and could not reasonably know of the temporary limitation of pregnancy in the act of the Reserve, the Company will fully refund the price paid by the respective passenger for the cancellation of the reservation, provided that such cancellation is made as soon as possible the Company has no other obligation to the customer.

  52. CIf a passenger is denied boarding as a result of a health problem and / or lack of health condition to travel, the Company shall have no obligation to the passenger.

  53. If, in the opinion of the Company, the master / captain or medical service of the ship, if a passenger is not otherwise in good health for travel, may pose a risk to his or her health or safety, or the permission to disembark at any port refused, or may hold the company responsible for its maintenance, support or repatriation, then the Master shall have the right to refuse boarding or disembark the passenger at any port, or transfer the passenger to another port or other cabin. The Doctor (if applicable) on board shall have the right to administer first aid and any drug, medication or other substance, and / or admit and / or maintain the passenger in the medical facilities of the ship or other similar institution in any port, provided that the ship's Physician and / or the Captain / Commander considers such measures necessary. The refusal of the passenger to cooperate in relation to such treatment may result in the landing of the same in any port and the Company will not be responsible for any loss, expense or compensation of the passenger.

  54. The Company and / or health authorities of any port shall have the right to apply a questionnaire on public health in its own name. The passenger must provide accurate information about the symptoms of any disease, including, without limitation, gastrointestinal diseases. The Company may refuse boarding of any passenger who, in its sole discretion, exhibits symptoms of any disease, including, without limitation, viral or bacterial disease, Norovirus and H1N1 influenza. Refusal of a passenger to complete the questionnaire may result in denied boarding.

  55. In cases where any passenger is affected by viral or bacterial disease on board the ship, the ship's Doctor or the Captain / Commander may require that the passenger remain in his cabin for reasons of health and collective safety.

  56. The Company has no responsibility for medical care or medical facilities offered on land. The passenger may, according to clause 3, contract, at his own expense, comprehensive health insurance for travel that covers expenses of medical treatment and repatriation.

  57. Although there is a Doctor aboard the vessel, it is the passenger's responsibility and responsibility to seek medical-sanitary assistance, if necessary, during the trip. The medical-sanitary services provided on board will be charged separately.

  58. The ship's doctor is not an expert and the ship's medical center is not a hospital, so it is not equipped to the same standards as a hospital ashore. The vessel has supplies and medical equipment according to the requirements of the country of its flag to attend small health problems. Neither the Company nor the Physician will be liable to passengers for any inability to treat a health problem.

  59. In case of illness or accident, passengers may be taken ashore by the Company and / or by the Captain / Commander of the ship for medical care. The company is not responsible for the quality and standard of medical treatment at any port of call or at the place where the passenger is disembarked. Medical facilities and standards vary from port to port.

  60. The passenger has a duty to comply with the legal requirements of the master / captain of the vessel or of the flight attendant while on board and, for safety or other legal reasons, allow the passengers (with other crew members) to time to any passenger, their cabins, luggage and belongings.

  61. By this instrument and in making the Reservation, the passenger expressly agrees to allow this magazine.

  62. Passengers must be in possession of all e-tickets, air tickets where applicable, valid passports, visas, medical cards and any other documents required for the ports of call and scheduled departures.

  63. Passengers are required to carry in their hand luggage medicines which are treated, whether or not controlled, in sufficient quantities and within the validity, and there is no possibility of buying medicines on board the ship.

  64. The Company and / or the Captain / Commander of any vessel reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse boarding or disembark at any port of any passenger whose conduct, in its reasonable opinion, may jeopardize or impair the comfort and the pleasure of other people on board.

  65. Passengers are prohibited from bringing on board animals, domestic or foreign, narcotics, ammunition, ammunition, explosives or flammable, sharp puncturing and punching objects in general or flammable, toxic or dangerous substances which may be dangerous to the safety of passengers, crew or ship.

  66. Passengers shall be liable for any damage suffered by the Company and / or any Provider of any service that is part of the trip as a result of non-compliance by passengers. In particular, the passenger will be responsible for all damages caused to the vessel or its furniture and equipment, for personal damages or damages caused to other passengers and third parties, and also for all penalties, fines and expenses that the Company or the Provider have to pay that are attributable to the passenger.

  67. The Company shall have no obligation to any passenger in case of breach or non-compliance by the passenger of the provisions of this clause, and any passenger shall indemnify the Company for damages or damages caused to the Company or its service providers as a result of said violation or non-compliance.

  68. The behavior of the passenger should not compromise the safety, tranquility and pleasure of other passengers on the ship.

  69. The passenger must identify correctly their luggage with the labels provided by the Company through the e-ticket duly filled in with the name of the passenger, port of origin, date of travel, ship and the reservation number. All baggage, including hand luggage, shall be subject to inspection.

  70. THE RESERMAR CV RESERVAS ONLINE will be made available to passengers through the e-ticket printed by the travel agency and the luggage must be properly sealed. The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss that may occur before the beginning or after the end of the ship.

  71. Items considered fragile, personal and valuable, such as, for example, jewelry, perfume, money, camera, camcorder, notebooks, cell phones, iphones, ipad, baby strollers etc. should only be carried in hand luggage by the passenger himself , as the Company is not responsible for damages and loss of such objects that may occur at the beginning or after the end of the trip.

  72. THE RESERMAR CV RESERVAS ONLINEV is not responsible for the loss, damage, loss, theft or theft of passengers' objects of economic value and / or esteem, left by passengers in the ship's or deck facilities or in suitcases,

  73. THE RESERMAR CV RESERVAS ONLINE  reserves the right at any time to cancel any trip or by sending communication to the passenger or his travel agent.

  74. Reasons for cancellation of the contract, including, but not limited to, changes, suspension or interruption of foreign exchange operations, suspension or interruption of maritime or port operations, increase of taxes, significant increase in fuel costs, strikes and union demands.

  75. If the reason for the cancellation is an unusual or unforeseeable circumstance that is beyond the control of RESERMAR CV RESERVAS ONLINE CV, whose consequences could not have been avoided by the Company even if it has taken all the necessary care, that is, if the cancellation is given by accident or force majeure, the Company will offer the passenger the option of:

    a) Receive the full refund of any amount paid; or

    b) Catalog of equivalent level, if available; or

    c) Reserve another lower level vessel, if available, with a refund of the price difference (if applicable).

  76. The decision of the passenger in relation to the above hypotheses should be notified to RESERMAR CV ONLINE RESERVATIONS  in writing or through your travel agent within 5 (five) days of receiving the notification of cancellation.

  77. No indemnity shall be payable to the passenger for cancellation by the Company, in addition to the forms mentioned in this clause and its sub clauses.